“The Shack” Author Admits Committing Adultery With Wife’s Best Friend in New Film, “Heart of Man”

A new film, titled “The Heart of Man,” hits theaters for one night only on Sept. 14 and features The Shack author William Paul Young in a revealing documentary where he admits to being unfaithful to his wife and the effect it had on their marriage.

According to the film’s description, “The Heart of Man” addresses sexual brokenness all the while tearing the veil of confusion over the church’s current identity crisis.

The docudrama, presented by Sypher Studios in partnership with Fathom Events, features an array of people from different walks of life who have experienced God’s grace after great brokenness and identity issues. The film shows interviews with Young, author Dr. Dan Allender (The Wounded Heart) and spoken word artist Jackie Hill Perry, among others.

“For the last 20 years I haven’t had any secrets, so to be able to talk about my history and my life has actually opened up a whole bunch of conversation especially for those of us in the evangelical community where secrets and hiding seems to be part of what we bring to the table,” New York Times bestselling author Young told The Christian Post.

The popular writer said that hiding one’s faults and covering it up have not been helpful for personal growth and healing in the church.

“A lot of the folks that grew up the way I did — in a restrictive kind of evangelicalism — we didn’t have any hope for real transformation. We didn’t understand, because of our shame, that exposure was really the doorway through which healing and transformation would be possible.”

As seen in “The Heart of Man,” Young also explained that the only reason he came to that conclusion himself, was because he learned the hard way.

“For me and a bunch of us, we are so broken and so full of shame that we actually have to get caught,” he openly shared. “I got caught in a three-month affair with one of my wife’s best friends. That was the trigger point for ‘either I have to find a way to get some help/change or kill myself.’ That was the two options that were left for me.”

In the compelling dramatized documentary, Young emotionally talks about his moment of weakness and where it led his marriage. He said it was pure desperation that drove him in the direction to get help.

Young told CP that therapy played a major part on the road of restoration for him and his wife. He called his therapist a “godsend.”

“[Therapy] started a whole, long process — basically 11 years of dismantling everything and rebuilding,” he explained.

Young went on to share about the great value of exposing things, rather than keeping them in the dark.

“We were never meant to have secrets,” he asserted, citing the verse in Genesis when God confronts Adam and Eve for hiding their nakedness.

“We’re designed to be naked and unashamed. That [means] exposed — live a life that’s transparent and open. Our design is toward that kind of authenticity,” the Canadian native noted. “God’s not a cover-up. Read Genesis, everything’s anti-cover-up. It’s us who are all about covering up which drives us into aloneness. But God is all about presence and relationship, face to face.”

“When you live a duplicitous life, there’s so much anxiety and fear that comes along with that. You’re always looking over your soldier and you’re always wondering if you’re gonna get caught. It’s not a life that God could have ever intended for any of us,” Young continued.

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SOURCE: Jeannie Law
Christian Post