Russian Cities Targeted by Wave of Mysterious Bomb Threats

For four days running, towns and cities across Russia have been hit by a wave of bomb alerts.

Dozens of schools, shopping centres, railway stations and public buildings have been evacuated. Tens of thousands of people have been affected.

So far, all of the alerts have proved to be hoaxes and the public has been urged to remain calm.

The source of the threats is unclear but one official suggested they had originated outside Russia.

“There’s reason to assume this was all organised abroad,” the official in Chelyabinsk told Interfax news agency.

On Wednesday, the bomb scares spread to Moscow, prompting the evacuation of the luxury GUM shopping centre near the Kremlin. Some 15,000 people were affected by alerts across the capital, Interfax reported.

There has been little coverage of the threats on state TV channels, although pro-Kremlin newspapers have pointed to a “major hacking attack”, possibly from Ukraine.

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