Pornography Can Destroy Your Brain Worse Than Heroin

With the proliferation of smartphones and i-Pads, what was once a more isolated problem has exploded into a very common one: 68 percent of churchgoing men and 30 percent of women reported viewing porn on a regular basis in a five-year, national survey of churches.

Even four years ago, the Huffington Post reported that porn sites were receiving more traffic than Amazon, Netflix and Twitter combined.

Unfortunately, there’s no going back.

Porn’s tentacles are everywhere, affecting virtually every aspect of users’ lives.

Pornography can impair your ability to connect with a real partner.

The way porn disconnects you from bonafide humans is one of the most little-known effects of frequent porn viewing and, arguably, the most damaging.

According to a PLOS ONE study, 58 percent of subjects with compulsive sexual behavior experience intimacy issues with a real partner. They did not experience these same issues when viewing porn, however.

Pornography is addictive.

Porn has the same effect on your brain that drugs do. In brain scans, the changes to a porn addict’s brain look much like a heroin addict’s.

As neuropsychologist Dr. Tim Jennings explains in the Conquer Series, “Any type of repetitive behavior will create trails in our brain that are going to fire on an automatic sequence.” By repeatedly watching porn—or repeating any activity, really—you are programming your thought life and actions so that they become second nature.

Not only that, but when you have a sexual release, your brain gets flooded with neurochemicals that are as strong as drugs. Whatever you’re viewing at the time this happens, you become “bonded” to.

In this way porn can restructure your brain—and not in a good way. This sets you up for years, possibly a lifetime, of sexual bondage.

Pornography will kill your marriage.

Let’s consider for a moment the devastation pornography wreaks on a spouse.

For many women, discovering their husbands’ porn addiction is equivalent to discovering an extramarital affair. They are hurt, angry and feel betrayed. They wonder why they aren’t “enough”—why do their husbands have to seek out something or someone else beyond them?

In fact, 56 percent of divorces cite porn use as contributing factor.

Porn makes you more likely to cheat on your spouse.

Studies published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal suggest that porn use provokes extramarital affairs.

How does it do this? By skewing your perception of reality: Those who viewed porn were more likely to report that they had “higher quality romantic alternatives” to their spouse.

Key findings published by the Family Research Council also indicate that porography can make you less satisfied and less attached to your spouse, and less interested in your family in general, something your wife will notice and be upset by.

Pornography is from the enemy.

Just like all temptations, “It promises you everything and gives you absolutely nothing,” says Dr. Ted Roberts, host of the Conquer Series.

Although you may feel a high of euphoria when viewing porn, it is quickly followed by feelings of shame. These shameful feelings cause isolation in your life.

This is why porn addiction is a hidden problem, making it even tougher to tackle.

There is a way out.

The only way free is a total renewal of your mind, and the Conquer Series was created to help you do just that.

The Conquer Series has been used by 450,000 men in 60 different countries all over the world to overcome porn addiction.

This six-disc DVD series is packed with over five hours of powerful teaching told through cinematic parables and offering Bible-based strategies to conquer porn. It’s hosted by Dr. Ted Roberts, former pastor and Marine Fighter Pilot, who has a 90 percent success rate in helping thousands of men break free from a porn addiction.

It’s hard to fight a multibillion-dollar industry of this size and scope. The Conquer Series can equip you  to win the battle once and for all.

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SOURCE: Kingdom Works