Megyn Kelly in Morning Show Debut on NBC

Megyn Kelly had no problem talking about herself during her first outing as the host of her own hour of ‘Today’ on Monday, but her interactions with some of her guests did not go quite as smoothly.

Her questions to the cast of ‘Will & Grace’ were shockingly banal and had all been asked and answered by the actors countless times before in the 10 months since they reunited to film a short video in support of Hillary Clinton ahead of the election last year.

That segment then ended on an incredibly awkward note after a gay superfan, Russell Turner, briefly joined the group on stage for some hugs with the cast and a minute-log interview with Megyn.

Turner then headed back into the audience as Megyn told him that ‘the gay thing will work out great.’

Social media soon lit up with individuals weighing in on Megyn’s choice of words and decision to refer to Turner’s homosexuality as ‘the gay thing.’

The brief interview with Russell began with Megyn asking if it was true that he became both a lawyer and gay because of the show and its leading man, played by actor Eric McCormack.

Turner jokingly affirmed that was in fact the case, while also kindly providing a bit of color and humor to the polar question by adding that Will had the perfect ‘trifecta’ in that he was gay, a lawyer and had the ‘best apartment in New York City.’

He was then tossed back into the audience after his one question, with Megyn sending him off by stating: ‘I don’t know about the lawyer thing. But I think the “Will & Grace” thing and the gay thing will work out great.’

Awkward moment aside, Turner did leave the show with a pretty amazing gift from Megyn and the NBC team.

‘We, Russell, are giving you not one but two tickets to a live taping of “Will & Grace” in Los Angeles, as well as a behind-the-scenes set tour,’ Megyn told Turner, who is in his second year at Duquesne Law School.

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Source: Daily Mail