Is Tony Romo Doing the Broadcast Thing Right?

Tony Romo’s success on the air might come as a shock.

He has exactly four NFL games under his belt as a part of CBS’s lead broadcast team with legendary play-by-play man Jim Nantz, just months after retiring from the league. But the praise keeps coming in since his debut.

Already, we can see he has an infectious excitement for the game, an uncanny ability to diagnose plays and formations to turn them into spot-on predictions and chemistry with Nantz. He’s having a lot of fun, too.

Does all of that, however, make him a good broadcaster?

There’s one thing that stands out about him while throwing in those pre-snap predictions, at least according to retired veteran play-by-play announcer Brent Musburger:

“You’re intruding on your play-by-play man Jim Nantz, who’s just trying to give us the scene.”

You can see that in action on plays like this from Week 1:

And a little bit in Week 2 on this touchdown:

What’s interesting is it appears Nantz is now almost prompting Romo with a “Tony” so that he gives the analyst some room to work with. Here’s a play from a Week 3 game:

And one from Thursday night’s broadcast, in which Romo has a lot of space before the snap to do his thing:

One point here is that it takes time for broadcast partners to work out their chemistry. But the biggest takeaway is Romo is doing something we don’t see often on NFL broadcasts: Either jumping on Nantz’s lines to make a quick observation or taking over entirely.

Did Romo’s producers give Romo the green light once they figured out that he was doing something other analysts don’t do? Did Romo and Nantz work out a system so that the ex-quarterback wasn’t stepping on his partner? Is CBS happy with what they see out of Romo thus far?

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Source: USA Today