Indian Teacher Brutally Beats Student With Cane

In lieu of ‘teaching a correct lesson’, teachers sometimes tend to forget that the students they are subjecting to harsh punishments are mere kids, all below the age of 18. An inhumane example of one such incident happened to befall upon us, when we came across this video of a teacher hitting his students mercilessly.

A video of the headmaster of a convent school in Phaphamau city near Allahabad, hitting students with a cane has gone viral on the Internet. The horrific clip shows the headmaster brutally hitting the students on their hands and fingers until they end up falling on the floor.

There have also been reports of students fainting in the school because of the beating. Several students have also complained incidences of repeated brutal beatings for petty mistakes.

The headmaster did not spare any student until his cane broke after the repeated beatings. And even after that, he was not satisfied and started beating the kids with an even thicker cane.

The mother of one such victim even lodged a complaint against the head master. However, she was asked to take it back due to the pressure from local authorities.

The dreadful video was captured by the school’s P.E teacher, Ashish Mani Tiwari, who was shocked to see the torture happening on the students. Sadly though, as soon as he posted the video, he was fired from his job. Ashish is currently fighting against the school for their decision.

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Source: Story Pick