Hurricane Jose’s Looping Path Could Bring it Back to the U.S. and Bahamas

Hurricane Jose, sitting out in the Atlantic on Wednesday, is expected to make a slow clockwise rotation over the next 36 to 48 hours that could bring it closer to the US and the Bahamas.

Jose was 510 miles east-northeast of the southeastern Bahamas midday Wednesday, with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph, making it a Category 1 storm.

It’s expected to remain at hurricane intensity in the Western Atlantic as it takes an odd, looping path toward the US and Bahamas later this weekend.

Most computer models indicate Jose will stay out to sea and complete a tight enough loop to avoid moving onshore. Still, the forecasts were fairly uncertain about its path and its intensity.

Jose’s impact is sure to be felt along the Southeast coast, bringing rough seas.

Such a path is concerning in the wake of Hurricane Irma, which has altered the beach landscapes and made them more vulnerable to coastal erosion and flooding.

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SOURCE: CNN, Brandon Miller and Eric Levenson