Greg Laurie Prays God Puts a ‘Shield Over America’ as North Korea Threatens to Launch Hydrogen Bomb

Pastor Greg Laurie speaks to thousands of faithful during the first night of the 26th Annual Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium. ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: PE_R_HARVEST_0829 – 8/28/15 – LEONARD ORTIZ, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER – _LOR0094.NEF – Thousands of faithful gathered at Angel Stadium for the first night of the 26th Annual Harvest Crusade. Tonights featured speaker will Rev. Greg Laurie, founder and pastor of Riverside’s Harvest Crusade Christian Fellowship. new believer cards

Harvest Christian Fellowship megachurch Pastor Greg Laurie has issued a prayer for God to “put a shield over America” in the wake of threats from North Korea that it has the capacity to launch a destructive hydrogen bomb.

Laurie said in a Facebook video on Monday that U.S. President Donald Trump has called on Americans to pray for the victims of last week’s Hurricane Harvey, but added that “there’s another threat” that should concern citizens as well.

“You may have heard on the news that North Korea has now developed what they are calling a hydrogen bomb, that has the capacity to cause far more destruction,” the pastor said.

“In fact, they’re saying it could be three to four times more potent than the bomb we dropped in World War II on Nagasaki. Plus, they have intercontinental missiles, effectively a delivery system to get it to America.”

The government of Kim Jong-Un announced on Sunday that it has tested an advanced hydrogen bomb for a long-range missile, prompting deep concerns from the international community.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post, by Stoyan Zaimov