Documentary Shows Chilling Footage of Sicilian Priest Performing Exorcisms

Franciscan Father Cataldo Migliazzo, 80, has become the most in-demand exorcist in Sicily
Franciscan Father Cataldo Migliazzo, 80, has become the most in-demand exorcist in Sicily

An 80-year-old priest in Sicily has become the region’s most in-demand exorcist by ‘freeing’ people from possession in group purging sessions at weekly masses.

Franciscan Father Cataldo Migliazzo is able to perform exorcisms on several people at a time at his church in Palermo.

The priest was featured in an Italian documentary last year titled Libera Nos, which roughly translates to ‘Deliver Us’.

At the start of a special service used for purgings, he tells the group that there are ‘six, seven or eight possessed people here at the moment’.

Then he begins his sermon and says: ‘I am talking to you, Satan, Prince of Darkness. I curse you, I chase you out of my life.’

A woman can be heard yelling and groaning from the pews, while a man bites at the air and a boy weeps in the arms of his parents.

‘I refuse you Satan cursed and lying spirit. Go away Satan. I chase you out of my life,’ the priest says.

At one point during the mass, a woman is held down as flour is thrown in her face, another woman growls, spits and rolls on the carpet and a man snarls at clergymen as he’s held down with a crucifix across his face.

Libera Nos director Federica Di Giacomo said that the concept of exorcisms is a ‘growing phenomenon’ that’s ‘getting bigger’.

At another part of the documentary’s trailer, the priest can be seen performing individual exorcisms in churches and homes.

The documentary also appears to delve into the question of whether the people who believe they are possessed by Satan are mentally ill.

Di Giacomo that she’s still unsure if people are mentally unwell or actually possessed by Satan – but she’s trying to keep an open mind.

She told POV magazine in May: ‘It’s difficult for me to think about one entity called Satan that is possessing you.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail