Wow! Columbia University Faces Fines of Up To Quarter of a Million Dollars After Former Muslim Staffer Claims Christian Chaplain, Jewelnel Davis, ‘Refused Requests For More Prayer Breaks’ – Come On, People!

A former Muslim employee for Columbia University claims that university chaplain Jewelnel Davis, who is a Christian (pictured) discriminated against them based on their religion

Columbia University could be slapped with $250,000 in fines after a former Muslim employee filed a complaint claiming they weren’t allowed enough prayer breaks.

A former staffer claims that university chaplain Jewelnel Davis discriminated against them for their religious beliefs, according to the complaint filed with the New York City Commission on Human Rights last month.

The unnamed ex-employee alleges Davis, who is a Christian, denied their request to work earlier shifts during Ramadan and denied additional prayer breaks, chiding them for asking.

If the city finds Davis at fault, Columbia University could be hit with $250,000 in penalties and forced to reform its polices regarding employees’ religious traditions.

The complainant first went about the matter internally, asking the school’s equal opportunity and affirmative action office to investigate in November, the Columbia Daily Spectator first reported.

However, the team didn’t think the claims had merit, according to the news outlet.

The former worker claims that their requests to work earlier shifts during Ramadan were shot down and their workload actually increased.

The ex-staffer also claims that Davis denied their requests for more prayer breaks, although she allowed other workers of different religions to do so.

When Davis was confronted about her decision she allegedly said to the worker: ‘I’ve never had someone who works for me who takes so many breaks.’

Two other staffers, who still work for Davis, backed up these claims, reported the Columbia Daily Spectator.

Currently, the university chaplain’s office has six advisers for Christian students, three for Jewish students, one for Buddhists and one for ‘ethical humanists’, according to the College Fix.

Davis was accused a few months ago of denying Muslim students’ requests for more prayer space before reversing her decision, the paper reported.

SOURCE: Daily Mail