Study Says 3 Cups of Coffee a Day Could Make You Live Longer

If you need that third cup of coffee to make if through your afternoon meeting but worry how it might affect your health, have no fear.

Drinking three cups of coffee a day could help extend your life, new research suggests.

Two major studies — one America, one British — have found links between drinking coffee and reduced risks of liver disease, circulatory problems and diseases linked to the digestive tract.

Researchers believe it is the antioxidant plant compounds found in coffee, rather than the caffeine content, that are responsible for the health benefits. Therefore, people who drank decaffeinated coffee also received the benefits.

According to the scientists, drinking coffee seemed to improve liver function, reduce inflammation and help boost the immune system.

In the study led by the Imperial College of London and the UN International Agency for Research on Cancer, 520,000 people in 10 countries were tracked for 16 years.

It found that men who drank three cups of joe per day were 18% less likely to die during the study period than people who drank no coffee. Women had an 8% reduced chance of death.

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Source: Toronto Sun