LISTEN: …And Family Drama Just Won’t Stop: Book 1, Chapter One (Legacy Serials #1)

At Torch Legacy Publications, we strive to target the Christian community and especially the urban Christian community with positive, inspirational messages through our novels. We hope these stories will not only make you laugh, learn, and maybe even cry, but also grow in God. After you read the last word, we want a piece of the story to stick with you and add positivity to your life. In this episode, you are listening to “….And Family Drama Just Won’t Stop – Book I” by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte.


Chapter One

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”
Ecclesiastes 12:13

“It seems like all the young adults are out tonight,” exclaimed Sis. Montague as she pulled into the New Mount Zion Missionary Evangelical Church’s parking lot with her eighteen-year-old daughter, Monica. “I didn’t know so many of them had a car.”

“That’s why it is important for you to let me drive, Mother,” said Monica giving her mother a good-bye hug.

“Have fun and call me as soon as it’s over with. I’ll be up waiting for you. Your Dad had to work late again,” she sighed. “You didn’t hear from him, did you?”

“No, Mother. I’ll call you.”

Monica was met with hearty singing and a signal from Stacy, her best friend, to come sit beside her. Stacy was planning on going off to college at FAMU. “I’m so glad you could make it tonight,” she whispered.

“Me, too. I almost didn’t come. Mother had to work late this Friday,” replied Monica. “So how’s everything? Have you met the new assistant yet?”

“Not yet. They’re supposed to introduce them to us after the singing and devotional is over with. We’re to move into the Fellowship Hall. I believe they have some food and drinks waiting for us.”

Monica nodded as she joined in with the singing. As far back as she could remember she had attended church. First, the Mt. Shiloh Baptist Church, and now the New Mt. Zion Missionary Evangelical Church after they moved to Texas. She loved church. Even though she took part in the young adult meetings on Fridays, she also often worked in the nursery and sometimes taught the preschoolers on Sundays. Whenever she missed church (which was rare) she felt like she really missed something. Monica loved Jesus and tried to do right, willing to be all that God wanted her to be.

After a few minutes, everyone filed into the Fellowship Hall. A family of five was sitting at the head table with Brother Bill and Sis. Beverly, the youth pastor and his wife.

“Mmm,” hummed Stacy as they sat down. “Do you see what I see? That has got to be the most handsome, well-put-together fellow I have ever seen.”

“Yes. That little fellow is cute,” replied Monica grinning.

“You know who I am talking about,” said Stacy trying hard not to stare.

“Well, keep your eyes in your head at least for right now.” Monica gave her a nudge.

Before Stacy could answer, Bro. Bill stood up to introduce the new assistant pastor and his family.

“Listen up everyone. Quiet down. Once again, I am glad you all could make it out tonight. Tonight, we have as our special guest, our new assistant pastor, Bro. Dwayne Reynolds. I’ll let him introduce his wife and children when he comes up. Bro. Reynolds has been preaching for about five years now. He earned his undergraduate degree in History from Howard University in Washington, DC and his M.Div degree from Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology in Virginia. You’ll hear more about him and his family on Sunday so make sure you bring your family and friends. Come on up, Bro. Reynolds. It’s all yours.”

There was a hearty round of applause as Bro. Reynolds rose to the podium.

“Thank you for allowing me to meet with you tonight. I have never been around such a lively group of young people, and guess what? I have two more to add to your number. Let me introduce my oldest son, Jonathan. He’s twenty-one and in his last year in college.” Jonathan nodded as he made a quick survey of the crowd. He seemed to be a confident young man.

“Mmm. That is what you call a fine young man,” Stacy whispered nudging Monica. Monica tried hard to suppress her chuckle. She lowered her head, a little embarrassed as Jonathan’s eyes met hers. She thought his eyes lingered a little at their table but then she was not sure. Maybe he somehow knew they were whispering about him.

Bro. Reynolds continued to introduce the rest of his family. “Anything else you want me to tell them about you, son?” he said half-jokingly to Jonathan, to which Jonathan held up a hand signifying “no.”

“Next is my daughter, Janice. She just finished her last year in high school and will be off to college in September. She will be a part of this youth group during the few months she is here.” Janice smiled and waved to the crowd.

“Then this is James, my youngest. He’s sixteen and is in high school. I saved the best for the last—my wife, Jacqueline. We’ve been married for twenty-two years and it gets better each year. Stand up, family, and meet the youth of New Mt. Zion.”

There was another hearty round of applause as the audience welcomed them. Bro. Reynolds spoke for about ten minutes from Ecclesiastes 12:13 on the whole duty of man. He encouraged the young adults to give their lives totally to the Lord while they were young and not wait until they had one foot in the grave.

After the final prayer, refreshments and finger foods were served as the young adults mingled with the new family. Stacy literally pulled Monica off her seat to get better acquainted with Jonathan who was making his way over to a group of young men.

“Hi, I’m Stacy. We’re so glad to have you join us. If you need anything just ask…”

“Pleased to meet you, Stacy.” He showed slight displeasure at the interruption.

“Oh, this is my friend, Monica. Both of us will be starting college in September also.”

He stopped for a minute to acknowledge Monica with a quick nod of the head.

Stacy persisted, “What college are you going to?”

“TCU. If you’ll excuse me.” He continued in the direction of the group of young men. Stacy took a step forward, but Monica gently steered her in the direction of the refreshment table. “C’mon, grab a plate and let’s sit down.” Stacy reluctantly did as she was told.

“Girl, what is wrong with you?” Stacy said.

“No, what is wrong with you? Did you have to be so in his face like that? You’re going to give off the wrong impression—not only on yourself, but also on the whole youth group, and on me.”


“Yes, me.”

Stacy seemed to think about it for a few seconds before replying. “Monica, I’m leaving for FAMU in three months. Three short months.” She emphasized the ‘three’ with a show of her fingers. “I know a good thing when I see one, and…”

“Stacy, calm down. I’m sure they will still be here after three short months. Let’s go meet the daughter and mother, then I have to call Mother to come and get me.”

“Oh, all right,” answered Stacy reluctantly, glancing in Jonathan’s direction as she rose from the table. Stacy was a good hearted person. Somehow she had the notion that once she began college she had to have a boyfriend. She often chided Monica for not showing any interest towards young men. None of the young men in the youth group seemed to grab her attention. Stacy would often tell her, “Monica, I’m human and I have feelings too.” But Monica would always reply, “I have feelings too, but those feelings can wait. Can’t they?” And even though Stacy always replied back with a “Yes, but how long?” she appreciated Monica for helping her to keep her head on straight and her thoughts going in the right direction.

After a short exchange with Sis. Reynolds and Janice, Monica headed for the phone. She hung up with a deep sigh.

“What’s up?” Stacy asked.

“Oh, nothing much. Dad just has to work late again and then he also has to work on tomorrow.”

“What’s so bad about that?”

“I just love for him to be home in the evenings and on Saturdays.”

“Well, what could happen on tomorrow that cannot wait?”

“A lot,” emphasized Monica. “A lot could happen especially if I did not put you on a detour from making a fool of yourself before the whole youth group.”

Both girls burst out laughing as they headed up the stairs and out the front door to wait for Monica’s mother. “I was not thinking, but I could give you a ride home,” Stacy said.

“You sure weren’t thinking. Promise me you’ll go straight home after I leave.” Monica was looking her dead in the eyes.

“Where could I go but home. My parents are expecting me.”

“You know what I mean. Don’t hang around to converse with you know who. And don’t pretend to have car problems either,” laughed Monica.

“The opportunity of a lifetime and my best friend blocks me,” sighed Stacy.

“Good night to you, ladies,” said a familiar voice. Both girls turned around to see the Reynolds family exiting the church building along with some of the other young people. Sis. Montague pulled up front at the same time. With a quick hug and an “I’ll call you tomorrow,” Monica hurried to the car.

“Does Stacy need a ride?” Sis. Montague asked.

“Oh, no, she drove tonight.”

“How come you did not ride home with her?”

“She’s too busy casting her eyes,” Monica said, nodding in the direction of the Reynolds family. Sis. Montague smiled as she tooted good bye to Stacy.

“Go home, now!” shouted Monica through the window.


We hope you enjoyed this episode of Legacy Serial’s “…And Family Drama Just Won’t Stop – Book 1”. In closing, let me remind you that God loves you. He loves you so much that he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for your sins. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” If you are not yet saved and would like to be, all you have to do is pray and ask Jesus to come into your heart today and He will.