WATCH: What Does it Mean to be a Christian Survivalist?

CBN News spoke with Dr. Larry Horton, a pastor and author, about what it means to be a Christian survivalist. Watch the full interview above.

In a time of crisis, do you know how to survive? What does it mean to be a Christian survivalist?

CBN News spoke with Dr. Larry Horton, a man who has spent his life studying and practicing spiritual and professional survival and has now written a fictional diary to demonstrate what it means to be prepared for the worst.

“A Christian survivalist is an odd combination,” Horton said. “Most people today think of survivalists as hard-core preppers, hard-core people who come out of a military background, maybe, or a back woods background.”

“A Christian survivalist believes in the depths of their heart that their eternal survival rests on Jesus Christ,” he continued. “They believe that the one missing piece in traditional survivalism is that faith in Christ that will guide and direct people for whatever the future holds for them.”

“They totally put their lives in the hands of the Lord and follow Scripture, and through faith, believe that Christ will guide them to the place they’re supposed to be in this life,” Horton added.

Horton’s book is called The Final Journey: A Diary of Survival, and is the first in an intended trilogy taking readers into the lives of fictional characters facing what could someday be a reality for Christians.

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SOURCE: Mark Martin 
CBN News