WATCH: Video Shows White Police Officers Awkwardly Trying to Explain Why They Pulled Over Florida’s Black AG Aramis Ayala

Aramis Ayala is one of the most powerful people in the state of Florida due to her position as the state attorney. However, Ayala’s position did not prevent her from being racially profiled by police officers.

While driving in Orlando, Florida, Ayala was pulled over by two White male police officers. In a show of force, both officers approached her vehicle as one stood on the driver’s side and the other stood on the passenger’s side. Ayala had not done anything illegal while driving.

When Ayala handed one of the officers her ID, he recognized her as the state attorney. Ayala then began to question the officers as to why they stopped her. While stuttering a bit, the officer claimed that he pulled her over because they ran her license plates and the plates did not come back registered to anything. The officer claimed that he also pulled her over because her windows were too darkly tinted. However, he stated that he didn’t have a device to measure the tint level.

Ayala eventually asked for the officers to give her their business cards, but they wrote down their names instead.

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SOURCE: A.R. Shaw  
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