There’s an Old Saying Among Black Christians – ‘Jesus, Please Take the Wheel’: Jesus Literally Took the Wheel as Massive Pipe Fell On Van

It was a real-life case of Jesus taking the wheel.

A truck carrying scrap metal tried to exit State Road 528 on its way to westbound Interstate 4 in Orlando but lost control, struck a guardrail and overturned Saturday.

The wreck sent a huge pipe over the side of the exit ramp and onto a 2003 Pontiac minivan traveling below, crushing its roof and practically flattening the vehicle on the driver’s side.

But everything turned out OK. Jesus was at the wheel — literally.

The van’s driver, Jesus Armando Escobar of Orlando, survived the crash with only minor injuries. He was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

The driver of the truck Antonio Santiago Wharton, sustained only minor injuries as well, but was ticketed for careless driving.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers described the scene as “amazing.”

The ramp onto westbound I-4 from State Road 528 was closed for several hours as crews removed the scrap metal from the roadway.

SOURCE: USA Today; Florida Today, Jessica Saggio