Survey Finds 93 Percent of UK Christians Feel Their Faith Is Marginalized

Premier Christian Communications has revealed what it really means to be a practicing Christian in Britain.

To date, nearly 12,000 people have taken part in our State of Faith survey. Of those, 93 per cent said they felt their faith was being marginalized by society.

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Tim Dieppe, Head of Public Policy at Christian Concern – which offers legal support to Christians who say they have been unfairly treated – said the results resonate “very much” for their experiences over the years.

He said: “People try and say that our cases are the exception and extraordinary cases.

“I think what [Premier’s] research shows is that it’s the tip of the iceberg and actually underlying this there is a very strong ground swell of feeling and experience of prejudice or marginalisation.”

Nola Leach, Chief Executive of Care – a Christian group which lobbies politicians – agreed that there are “worrying signs” Christian viewpoints are being side-lined.

She said: “Partly because of illiteracy [and] partly because of those who have a very different agenda, we may be moving into a period when debate is shutdown – where you can’t have an honest debate and agree to differ.”

The stark results also show nearly half of respondents say they have personally experienced prejudice as a result of their faith.

More than a quarter said they feel unable to be open about their beliefs in the work place.

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SOURCE: Premier
Alex Williams