Sony Sells Over 60 Million PS4 Consoles and 487 Million Games

It was only last week that Sony was celebrating reaching one million PlayStation VR sold and claiming one in every five PS4 sales is a PS4 Pro$399.99 at Best Buy. Now a major milestone has been reached and perfectly timed to coincide with E3. There’s now over 60 million PS4 consoles being used by consumers around the world.

To be specific, Sony confirmed 60.4 million PS4 consoles sold through as of June 11. And where there’s console sales there’s supporting game sales, or which there’s been a staggering 487.8 million. That total includes both physical copies and digital downloads through PSN.

The news is also positive when it comes to PlayStation Plus. There’s now 26.4 million paying subscribers. Sony counts 70 million active users in the PlayStation ecosystem, which must also count PS3 and PS Vita owners. For PS4 specifically, they spend over 600 million hours every week using the platform.

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SOURCE: PC Mag, Matthew Humphries