Dr. Valerie Wardlaw Releases New Book to Support Girls through Scripture and Positive Affirmations

New book by Dr. Valerie Wardlaw reminds teens of the power of God’s Word

Insecurities, depression, and confusion don’t only attack adults, an increasing number of teenage girls are experiencing it as well. 

As a practicing behavioral health consultant, Dr. Valerie Wardlaw noticed the rise as more and more teen girls were referred to her for counseling and guidance in battling these negative feelings.

Frequent requests from her young clients to “write down” her advice inspired her to compose something more permanent. But Wardlaw didn’t write a typical self-help book. Instead, she penned a message of encouragement, affirmations and scripture for teen girls to help them defeat self-doubt and enjoy a life of endless possibilities.

“For Girls Who Choose to Believe – #IMatter” is Wardlaw’s book of “positive self-talk.” The compact volume contains seven chapters providing direction in handling teen issues such as belonging, hopelessness, dating, choices and faith.

As for the reason, Wardlaw explained, “I felt that it was important to impress upon girls that they are the ones that have to believe that they can accomplish their dreams, that they can do what they would want to do. They have got to believe it and believe that they matter.

“I added the hashtag because, as we all know, they are on social media. (Wardlaw created IMatterSister.com on the web and @IMatterSister on Twitter for girls to post encouraging comments.) I put my thoughts in book form so they could access it when ever they need it.”

Each chapter begins with positive quotes like “I am uniquely special…even if I don’t feel that way right now,” and “It is a blessing to love and be loved.” After sharing facts and enlightenment about the topic, Wardlaw ends the chapter with a statement of affirmation that readers are advised to “repeat as often as needed,” a blank page to record personal thoughts and a scripture verse that reveals God’s word on that particular subject.

In light of her own relationship with Christ, Wardlaw felt strongly that the word of God would help teens as they go through the healing process of changing their outlook and conduct.

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Source: LA Sentinel