Dangerous Heat Wave to Scorch Southwestern U.S. Over the Weekend

Summer has yet to begin officially, but the weather isn’t waiting until the summer solstice early Wednesday to kick things into high gear. Dangerous temperatures are expected to scorch the Southwest, providing no relief for days.

Phoenix, Las Vegas and Death Valley in California could break all-time record high temperatures. Cities including Los Angeles, Reno and San Diego are not in record territory, but are all expected to be well above average and will certainly feel unusually hot.

The days will be sweltering and the nights will prove to be no relief as the overnight low temperatures remain in the 90s for most of the affected area.

CNN meteorologist and hot-weather enthusiast Pedram Javaheri said this heat wave could be one for the history books.

“When you look at Phoenix, a city where record temperatures have been kept since August of 1895, there have been over 45,000 calendar days. Only four have reached or exceeded 119 degrees Fahrenheit and Tuesday could be the fifth in 45,000 days of record-keeping,” Javaheri said.

Tucson is likely to tie or break the number of consecutive days above 110 Fahrenheit, a milestone not reached since 1994.

Las Vegas also gets into the extreme heat game with peaks on Tuesday and Wednesday, and could gamble with its highest temperature ever observed, which was 117 degrees Fahrenheit back in 2013. It will be close, as the current forecast for Vegas is 116 Fahrenheit.

These values are potentially deadly if the proper precautions are not taken.

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SOURCE: CNN, Ann Rodden