Amazon Kills Unlimited Online Storage Service

Amazon’s Cloud Drive online backup service was too good to last.

Amazon had the best deal in online storage — unlimited backup for $59.99, which Wired called “absurdly cheap” when it was launched in 2015. Now, unlimited is out. It has been replaced with tiered pricing, the system used by Amazon’s rivals.

The new rate, announced to customers Wednesday night, is now $59.99 yearly for 1 terabyte of online backup, with each additional terabyte (TB) costing an additional $59.99 annually.

Additionally, Amazon is introducing a lower-priced tier set at 100 GBs of storage for $11.99 yearly.

Amazon still has the best pricing for backing up 1 TB of data online, but just barely. Microsoft offers 1 TB for $69.99 yearly and throws in a subscription to Office 365.

Online backup is an important tool in the digital age, where consumers have an ever increasing array of photos, videos and other files that add up. Hard drives are less expensive, but not as reliable, and online backup provides access from any device, anywhere.

Amazon says the vast majority of its customer base, 82%, only used a small portion of backup, around 100 GBs worth.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Jefferson Graham