Tim Tebow Wins ECPA Book of the Year Award for “Shaken”; Set to Release 3rd Book for Homeschooled Kids

Tim Tebow.
(Photo: Matt Emmons, USA TODAY Sports)

On the heels of winning a Christian book of the year award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association for his book Shaken, Tim Tebow is focusing on homeschooled kids with his third book, Know Who You Are, Live Like It Matters: A Homeschooler’s Interactive Guide to Discovering Your True Identity.

Before Tebow, 29, became an outfielder for the New York Mets affiliate team the Columbia Fireflies, he was the first person to ever be homeschooled and go on to win a Heisman Trophy in college at the University of Florida. Now, he wants to help guide homeschooled children and their parents with his new book about using Christianity as a foundation to find one’s identity.

“Tim will guide you through thirty-six weeks of lessons, each based on a key Scripture, to discover who you are—by learning more about whose you are,” a description of the book states. “You will also have the opportunity to write down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas on topics such as: building godly character, maintaining great relationships, standing out from the crowd and doing things that matter in the big picture.”

In the book, Tebow encourages homeschooled kids to reflect on scriptures and journal their thoughts and feelings. He explained why he decided to dedicate his latest book to such a niche group of people.

“I know being homeschooled may not be the easiest thing in the world, so I wanted to write a book just for you. I’d like to encourage you in your studies by offering some lessons I’ve learned in my personal journey, lessons I want you to be a part of,” Tebow writes in the introduction to Know Who You Are, Live Like It Matters. “I want this book to be about you: digging deep to find out who you are and what that means in real life.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos