Some of the Best Recipes from Ayesha Curry’s Home Kitchen

Dutch Baby with Blueberry-Orange Compote

Light and sweet, Ayesha’s puffed-up pancake is blanketed with a quick blueberry sauce for wow-worthy results.

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Bacon Bread Pudding

Instead of making a single big-batch casserole, Ayesha preps bite-size bread pudding “cups,” which come together in an everyday muffin tin. Strips of bacon form a crispy ring around the savory sausage-bread filling, while a sprinkle of cheese on top adds a gooey finish.

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S’mores Doughnuts

Baked, not fried, these buttermilk-based doughnuts bring the flavors of the campfire treat to your breakfast table. They’re glazed with melted chocolate before being finished with crushed graham crackers and soft marshmallows.

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Grilled Bratwurst with Brie and Spiral Apple Slaw

Grilling the brats imparts a smoky flavor, while the cool slaw, dressed with a honey-mustard vinaigrette, offers a balance of subtle sweetness.

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Rainbow Fries with Grainy Mustard Aioli

Carrots, russet potatoes and sweet potatoes are quickly spiced, then roasted until they turn golden brown and crispy. In place of the usual ketchup, Ayesha opts for a mayo-based dip laced with bold mustard and garlic.

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Cilantro-Lime Rice

Toasting the rice with garlic before boiling it infuses flavor from the beginning. Afterwards, combine it with fresh lime juice and fragrant cilantro for a bright, flavorful finish.

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Horchata Brownies

Rich almond-studded brownies get an horchata-inspired upgrade with the help of a cinnamon-rum frosting on top.

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Chicken Parmesan

Juicy on the inside with a crispy crust outside, Ayesha’s chicken is baked with her homemade tomato-garlic sauce and a blanket of rich, gooey cheeses on top.

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Ultimate Caesar Salad

Ayesha didn’t cut any corners in this classic Caesar salad recipe, evening making the garlic-laced croutons to toss in her dish. When it comes to the dressing, the bold flavors of anchovy fillets and a dash of Worcestershire sauce deliver an umami bite.

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Layered among sweetened mascarpone cheese and chocolate, espresso-dunked ladyfingers give this striking dessert welcome texture.

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Fresh Egg Pasta

Homemade pasta doesn’t have to be tricky. Ayesha’s can-do recipe utilizes just four everyday ingredients, and, perhaps best of all, you don’t need a pasta machine to make it. Just some rolling and cutting will do the trick.

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Italian Greyhound

Spiked with both grapefruit vodka and Aperol, Ayesha’s quick-mix cocktail gets its fizzy bite from Italian grapefruit soda.

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Pasta Primavera

As colorful as it is easy to prepare, Ayesha’s 30-minute pasta is full of fresh vegetables — think tender asparagus, juicy cherry tomatoes and hearty kale — and tossed in a garlicky pancetta-based sauce.

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Easy Pan Steaks

Good news: You don’t need to break out the backyard grill to cook up a juicy steak. Ayesha’s fuss-free recipe brings filet mignon indoors, as you sear the beef in a skillet, then move it to the stove to finish cooking.

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Cast-Iron “Fruit Cake”

A simple skillet cake with fruit (not a dense-loaf fruit cake that you may know and likely don’t love), Ayesha’s impressive dessert takes advantage of a welcome timesaver: store-bought cake mix. It cooks right in a skillet and is served with vanilla-flecked creme fraiche.

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Fried Turkey Legs

Just as you would chicken pieces, go ahead and marinate turkey drumsticks in a buttermilk mixture with paprika, garlic powder and a bit of cayenne, then dredge the legs in a spiced flour to achieve a crispy coating.

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Southern Mustard Greens

By cooking the onions and greens in rendered bacon fat, Ayesha guarantees that the side dish boasts a subtle smoky taste.

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Creamed Cornbread with Jalapeno Butter

Follow Ayesha’s lead and start with a few boxes of corn muffin mix to save time when prepping this scallion-studded cornbread.

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Mac and Cheese

There’s a secret ingredient hiding among Ayesha’s super-cheesy baked mac and cheese: salty pancetta. It offers a welcome bite to the breadcrumb topping blanketing the casserole.

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Jerk Turkey Legs

It’s all about the combination of flavors in Ayesha’s jerk marinade, which she uses to infuse the meat with flavor from the very beginning. Combine fresh thyme, brown sugar, chile peppers and ginger to create the ultimate sweet-spicy, craveable mixture atop the turkey.

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Spiced Beef and Chicken Kebabs with Cucumber Yogurt

Not only does Ayesha use yogurt as a cool dipping sauce to serve with the kebabs, but she also puts that tangy ingredient to work in a bold marinade for the meat. She coats the chicken in a yogurt mixture with coriander, cumin and allspice for flavorful results.

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Easy Saffron Creme Brulee

Four ingredients are all it takes to turn out this easy yet impressive dessert. The glasslike caramelized sugar on tops adds a welcome crunch, contrasting the silky cream below.

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Spiced Tea Mojito

Let black tea steep with cardamom, cinnamon and fresh mint to fill this rum-spiked cocktail with those fragrant flavors.

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Citrus Shrimp Salad

Not only does Ayesha top her fresh salad with juicy orange segments, but she also uses the vibrant orange juice to brighten up her Dijon-laced vinaigrette.

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Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms

For an easy-yet-impressive appetizer, bulk up two-bite mushroom caps with a hearty sausage-onion filling that’s full of flavor.

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Skillet S’mores

Who says you need a campfire to turn out these gooey-good treats? Ayesha simply covers chocolate and butterscotch chips with mini marshmallows in a skillet, then lets them melt and toast in the oven. As for the requisite graham crackers, dip them into this decadent dessert.

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Beer-Bourbon Splash

Not only does the lemon seltzer water add a welcome fizzy bite to the cocktail, but it also complements the fresh lemon juice that’s mixed with the bourbon and beer.

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Sloppy Joe-Stuffed Peppers

Re-create your favorite childhood dinner into a dressed-up meal by cooking the saucy meat mixture inside halved bell peppers. In lieu of the usual canned sauce, Ayesha makes her own tangy combination with ketchup, Dijon and brown sugar.

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Maple-Bacon Popcorn

For the ultimate mash-up of savory and sweet flavors, Ayesha pops popcorn kernels in bacon fat before tossing the popcorn with maple-laced melted butter.

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White Chocolate-Croissant Bread Pudding

Cinnamon and nutmeg adds warm flavor to the custard, which seeps into the buttery croissants, offering both taste and texture. Ayesha bakes the pieces of pastry with white chocolate chips in a muffin tin to create individual servings.

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