Rare Giant Squid Caught Off Coast of County Kerry

A deep sea monster has surfaced in County Kerry.

An extremely rare giant squid, which measures 5.8m (20ft) long, was landed by fishermen off the coast of Dingle on Monday.

The cephalopod catch is the first in 22 years and only the fifth documented sighting of the squid in Irish waters.

Marine Biologist Kevin Flannery described the specimen as a “legend of the sea”.

“It’s something rare, something wonderful and something unusual,” Mr Flannery told BBC Radio Foyle.

“These things have been legends of the sea, when the trawl comes up and this 20ft arm comes out and sticks on to you – you’d get a bad fright!”

The squid was caught by fisherman Pete Flannery (no relation to Kevin), skipper of the Cú na Mara, near the Porcupine Basin, about 120 miles off the Dingle coast.

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