If Your Pastor Gives In to Temptation Like Pastor Chris Hill Did, Here Are 5 Things You Can Do to Ensure You Stay on the Right Track

Wrecking lives.

That’s an accurate description of the aftermath of Christian pastors’ indiscretions as it relates to members of their congregations, and all those who believe in, and support their ministries.

Many within the faith community that keep up with Christian news already know Chris Hill of The Potter’s House Church of Denver left members crushed after stepping down from his post over infidelity. The former married senior pastor, who allegedly got caught up in an illicit affair with another married parishioner he called his “goddaughter,” has not only lost his church, but has split up his family.

The leader, personally mentored and endorsed by megachurch preacher Bishop T. D. Jakes, was officially outed by his now estranged wife, First Lady Joy Hill, in a shocking text message to members of the church.

In a recent statement, the ministry confirmed that the disgraced preacher had “tendered a letter of resignation effective immediately.” The notification, which was posted to the church’s Facebook page but later removed, continued, “Further, after several weeks of ministry, counseling and contemplation, Pastor Chris and his wife Joy Hill will be seeking a formal separation.”

Hill’s story, though saddening and upsetting, is not unique. Countless shepherds, men and women, across America, and around the world, disappoint God and their following.

So, what do you do if your leader gives into temptation–because it could happen? How can you avoid being destroyed by it?

Here are 5 ways.

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Source: EEW Magazine | Lillian Boone