Alabama Officer Buys Groceries For Teen Mom Caught Stealing Food For Baby

An Alabama teenage mother received a special gift from a police officer after she stole groceries last year in order to feed her family. 

Sheena Davenport, 18, and her family fell on hard times and decided to steal from a local store’s buffet in order to eat for the next few days. Davenport said she had her infant daughter Skylar in mind.

“We were struggling. This is our first time ever being out on our own, me and my boyfriend. His job wasn’t making enough at the time,” Davenport told “It was dinner time and we had gone to Walmart to see what we could get. It ended up not being enough and we needed dinner for the next two nights.”

But, on their way out, the couple was caught with the hot food they’d taken and were both arrested.

“I had never been in trouble before. I had never done anything like that. I was scared,” Davenport said.

Last Monday, Davenport went to plead guilty to theft in the fourth degree, but what she wasn’t expecting was a kind-hearted police officer to change the day around.

Officer Katrina Culbreath, of the Dothan Police Department, was in the court room during the hearing and asked Davenport why she’d resorted to stealing.

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Source: Inside Edition | Maya Chung