Sudanese Christian Convert Cast Out by Muslim Family for Turning to Christ

Christians pray during Easter Sunday service at Episcopal Church of the Sudan Diocese of Khartoum All Saints Cathedral in Khartoum, April 24, 2011.

A Sudanese woman who became a Christian while working in Indonesia was forced out of her Muslim family’s home and told to never return after they learned about her conversion.

Persecution watchdog group International Christian Concern shared Risma’s story on Wednesday, explaining that she initially moved to Jakarta to work as a shopkeeper.

“One Sunday, Risma felt a strong urge to go to church. This was especially unusual for Risma, since she was a Muslim and never went to church. For some reason, she went anyway that day,” ICC reports.

Risma shared that she felt “God’s presence” upon walking into the church.

“Suddenly, she began sobbing, but in spite of the tears she felt overwhelmed with peace and joy like she had never felt before. She had no idea what this meant, but she knew something was different. She knew her life was changing,” the group added.

The new Christian believer decided to go back home to her Muslim mother and sister who she had not seen in years, but she was afraid of admitting her conversion to them.

Risma at first attempted to hide her faith from the family, but realized they would find out sooner rather than later when they saw that she was not participating in Muslim prayers and other activities.

Risma said that when she told them about her conversion, her mother “raged.”

“Her mother yelled at her, ‘If you insist on being a Christian, you are no longer allowed to be with your family. You are no longer allowed to stay here. You must leave this house and don’t ever think of coming back.’ Just like that, Risma was forced out of the family she had just reunited with.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Stoyan Zaimov