NPR Debate Smackdown: Truth vs. ‘Pro-Choice’

Most Americans should know by now that NPR stands for National Prochoice Radio. They rarely ever try to appear objective on abortion.

This week, I was given the opportunity to debate the president of Planned Parenthood Maryland (PPM) on NPR affiliate, WAMU in DC. I was excited about the prospect of an actual debate with a Planned Parenthood executive. They tend to avoid any challenge to their media-regurgitated, unsubstantiated talking points. Well, that chance was quickly aborted the evening before the interview. Planned Parenthood backed out, it seems because they didn’t want to debate a factivist. So Planned Parenthood-endorsed Maryland Delegate Kathleen Dumais (D), who has a 100% rating with the abortion org, stepped in.

She had her piles of papers and prepared talking points in front of her.

I had facts.

The debate was explosive at times revealing the stark contrast between pro-life and pro-abortion advocacy.

Pro-lifers have to know the statistics, history, and basic biology. It’s just so much easier to be prochoice. They don’t need facts, just emotions. We present context. They present concoctions. As a prolife factivist who was conceived in rape yet adopted and loved, I value both the evidential and the emotional. I appreciate Kojo Nnamdi, the host of The Kojo Nnamdi Show, for allowing an actual discussion about Planned Parenthood. But it was two against one: two staunchly pro-abortion perspectives and one unapologetically pro-life perspective.

When I challenged why news media never asks why every major medical service has been plummeting at Planned Parenthood, neither the host nor the liberal legislator expressed any concern. It’s a revelation that is nothing new to pro-life advocates. Politics often renders facts meaningless.

Liberals are just fine with Planned Parenthood doing 519,581 fewer breast cancer screenings per year since Cecile Richards took over as president of the abortion chain in 2006. Liberals are just fine with the alleged “leading women’s healthcare provider” providing less care to women, serving 670,540 fewer patients per year since 2006. Liberals are just fine with prenatal care virtually being aborted (only 0.1% of their services) at Planned Parenthood because “choice” doesn’t really mean options once a woman rejects abortion.

When I pointed out the lunacy of PPM being involved in the state’s B’more for Healthy Babies initiative — because none of their centers provide any prenatal care — it didn’t garner any reaction. PPM also provides zero pediatric care.

The irony of liberalism is so deep, I’m not sure if there’s a bottom.

The slogan for the state health department initiative is “Every baby counts on you”. Well, except those that are killed. And who is the leading killer of babies in Maryland? Yes. Planned Parenthood.

At 11 minutes into the interview, Kojo asked me: “What is it that you object to about Planned Parenthood’s existence?”

I had a simple and direct answer: “They kill human beings.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Ryan Bomberger is the co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, an Emmy Award-winning creative professional, passionate factivist and author of Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong. He is an adoptee and adoptive father who addresses a myriad of social issues in the context of God-given purpose.