Marvin Sapp Defends Bishop T.D. Jakes For Telling Wives To Be Their Husband’s “Delilah” At 2017 International Pastors and Leaders Conference

via Facebook

After a statement from one of Bishop T. D. Jakes’ messages at the 2017 International Pastors & Leaders Conference (April 27-29) appeared online, some social media users took issue with it. Jakes said, “If you’re lucky enough to find a Sampson. Don’t just be his wife; be his Delilah.” Some users interpreted this to mean that Jakes was suggesting Delilah was good for Sampson. Bishop Marvin Sapp, however, came to Jakes’ defense, posting on Facebook:

Understand the context before you post. Don’t just be his wife. Be what he desires, keep running back to and tells his secrets too…. #NowPost

Here’s a snapshot of what some Facebook users had to say about the matter:

Sapp later responded to comments with a comment of his own:

I’ve been reading many of your post and I’m convinced that in y’all attempts to be spiritual [ya’ll] denigrated Delilah. Read the statement “Don’t just be his wife be his Delilah” 1.) it was directed to wives 2.) the instruction wasn’t to take on her character but to look at the reasons he kept coming back and apply those positive principles to your relationship with your mate/husband. (A) she was what he desired. (B) because she was what he desired he kept running back to her (C) he trusted her so much he shared his deepest secret with her. As a man, I promise you this is what every man wants. You can be whatever biblical figure you please, however, you better make sure you do those 3 things for you future mate…..

SOURCE: The Official Marvin Sapp Page / Facebook