Homosexual Activists Threaten to Shut Down Ministry’s Summer Conference Designed to Help Homosexuals Who Want to Leave the Lifestyle

Homosexual activists have stated their intention to shut down an upcoming summer conference designed to help homosexuals who want to leave the lifestyle.

ABC 20/20 recently aired a story suggesting counseling for change for those involved in homosexuality is dangerous. Restored Hope Network, which is a Christian organization, contends that’s not true.

“Restored Hope Network is a coalition of ministries across the U.S. that help individuals who are wanting to turn away from homosexuality and embrace God’s design for their lives,” says executive director Anne Paulk.

The network involves ministries, therapists, and pastors who present the gospel to people hurting from their choice of homosexuality to leave it behind through Christ. The different chapters provide group meetings as well as one-on-one counsel.

According to the ministry, pro-homosexual groups in the San Diego area – where its “HOPE2017” conference will take place — are describing people who believe in change through a relationship with Jesus Christ as “scam artists” and “bullies hiding their homophobia behind the Bible.”

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Charlie Butts