Couple Adopts 2 Sets of Twins and Births 1 Set of Twins All Born on February 28th

When Carrie Kosinski and Craig Kosinski adopted their first set of twins just months after marrying, the Wisconsin couple never imagined they’d eventually have two more sets – all with the same birthday. 

In July 2014, an acquaintance of Carrie’s, who was pregnant, asked her if she and her husband would adopt her child and they agreed. They later found out the woman was having twins.

The twin girls, Adalynn and Kenna, were born on February 28, 2014.

“A year later we got contacted by the mom to adopt an older set of twins that she had,” Carrie told

The older twins, JJ and CeCe, were 2 years old at the time. They were born on Feb. 28 2013.

The couple agreed. They wanted to keep the siblings together.

“We wanted to adopt them to make them a permanent part of our family. So we started the process of adopting all four kids together,” Carrie said.

Carrie said it didn’t hit the couple that the two sets of twins had the same birthday until their birthdays came around.

“We only have to remember the same birthday, which is nice, but they are probably going to hate it when they older,” Carrie said.

In another twist of events, Carrie, who was told she couldn’t have kids due to severe endometriosis, became pregnant with twins in 2015.

“We contacted our fertility doctor. He suggested we put two embryos in, but he said the chance of them both sticking was 20 percent,” said Carrie.

But, both of the eggs fertilized.

“We were very shocked. We were like ‘oh my God we are going to have three sets of twins. What are we going to do with ourselves?’” Carrie said.

The twins were born premature by cesarean section at only 24 weeks and weighing 1.6 pounds. Carrie wasn’t even thinking about their birth date – also Feb. 28.

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Source: Inside Edition | Maya Chung