Why You Should be Buying Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter

Even those who live in America’s Dairyland have a thing for Kerrygold butter.

Some drive across state lines to find this extra special — and expensive — butter imported from Ireland.

Butter, seriously?

By industry standards, butter has a flavor profile so mild that the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest assigns its most experienced judges to score the category.

“It’s the most difficult (to judge) because the flavor profile is very, very light,” said judge Bob Bradley, a University of Wisconsin food science emeritus professor who has been training dairy-product evaluation teams since 1978.

Cost more than flavor drives our family’s butter buying, so I’ve never spent more than $7 for a pound of butter. Two sticks of Kerrygold, whose cows dine on Irish grass in the Emerald Isle, will set you back $3.69.

But Kerrygold’s fan club — a specialty grocery store and four frustrated consumers sued the state Thursday over a law that bars the sale of Kerrygold butter and other European brands because they don’t have U.S. agriculture grades on them — had me curious for a taste test.

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SOURCE: USA Today; The (Appleton, Wis.) Post-Crescent, Daniel Higgins