Two South Korean Christian Pastors Arrested In China for Smuggling Persecuted North Koreans

Christians pray for starving North Koreans during a prayer session in Seoul March 1, 2012. About 300 South Korean Christians also asked China not to send North Koreans detained in China back to the North, saying the North Koreans might be executed after their repatriation.

Two South Korean Christian pastors have been arrested in China because they were helping to smuggle persecuted North Korean defectors.

“The arrested pastors are known to have insisted that they helped North Korean defectors as they were at risk of being repatriated to the North where human rights violations are serious,” an official from Justice for North Korea said, according to Yonhap News.

The two ministers, who were separately detained, had apparently been assisting North Korean defectors in leaving China.

The wives of the two pastors were also initially arrested and interrogated, but later released.

An official at Seoul’s foreign ministry revealed that the Christian pastors are being held at a detention center in Liaoning Province in the country’s northeast.

“Our consulate general in Shenyang has held meetings with our (detained) nationals and provided practical consular assistance, including information on hiring a lawyer and requesting humanitarian treatment from the Chinese public safety authorities,” said the official, who wasn’t named.

“We will continue to provide consular help.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Stoyan Zaimov