Librarians Vow to Fight Back on Trump Funding Cuts

Just over halfway into his first 100 days, President Donald Trump has proposed eliminating virtually all federal funds for libraries. And librarians this week said they will fight back.

In a statement, the American Library Association called Trump’s proposal to eliminate the Institute of Museum and Library Services in his FY2018 budget (effectively ending all federal funding for libraries of all kinds) “counterproductive and short-sighted,” and vowed to fight the measure.

“The American Library Association will mobilize its members, Congressional library champions, and the millions upon millions of people we serve in every zip code to keep those ill-advised proposed cuts from becoming a Congressional reality,” the statement reads. “Libraries leverage the tiny amount of federal funds they receive through their states into an incredible range of services for virtually all Americans everywhere to produce what could well be the highest economic and social ROI [return on investment] in the entire federal budget.”

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SOURCE: Publishers Weekly
Andrew Albanese