Ikea Has Some Delicious Deals to Help You Celebrate National Meatball Day

Though Ikea can sometimes be a bit stressful to navigate on a busy Saturday afternoon, we’re still HUGE fans because there is nowhere else in the world quite like it. I mean, where else can you find adorable, affordable home furnishings and mouthwatering meatballs?

As I said, the answer is nowhere. With such a strong Swedish meatball game, Ikea is obviously the best place to spend National Meatball Day on March 9. If you needed more of a reason to visit the shop this Thursday, though, Ikea is sweetening the deal with some amazing offers.

On March 9, visit IKEA-USA.com/food to find a $5 off coupon. The coupon will be valid on any Swedish Food Market purchase of $25 or more. And, while you’re in the market, those delicious, easy-to-make frozen Swedish meatballs will be $9.99.

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