Cost of Rebuilding Part of Iraq’s Shattered Christian Community Estimated to Be $200 Million

Iraqi Christians who have fled violence in the village of Qaraqosh sit inside a church building in Erbil.

Islamic State has damaged more than 12,000 homes belonging to Christian families in just one region of Iraq and destroyed a further 700.

The figures come from Aid To The Church In Need (ACN), the Catholic charity that responds to persecution of believers around the world.

ACN says the cost of repairing and replacing the homes will be around $200 million.

The specific area the report applies to is the Nineveh Plain, an area of northern Iraq close to the city of Mosul, where the ancient city of Nineveh is located.

The report says there are now 14,000 families – around 90,000 people – who are IDPs, or internally displaced people. They are living in the Erbil area, having been forced to flee the Mosul area by the arrival of Islamic State.

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SOURCE: Christian Today
Andy Walton