Christians Persecuted by ISIS Believe ‘God Will Use This Hell to Perform a Miracle’

The Islamic State has pushed it’s way across Iraq and Syria, devastating entire cities and families. This hasn’t stopped faithful believers from trusting God to restore their lives. 

“We see destruction all around us,” Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst, told Breitbart news after walking through the ancient city of Qaraqosh.

While ISIS fighters have wreaked havoc everywhere, they say their favorite pray are Christians. They have toppled down Christian homes and left church sanctuaries as burnt skeletons of the building they once were.

However, Christians remain firm.

“On a few occasions, I heard the line, ‘We don’t worship a God of buildings. Our God is in here,’ while pointing toward their hearts,” he said of local Christian.

Some say their faith is even stronger than it was before.

“The ones who I walked around Qaraqosh with were adamant that their faith is even stronger than it was before and vowed to reopen the burned church and fill it with an even bigger crowd than before,” the national security analyst explained. “To them, God will use this hell they’ve endured to perform a miracle.”

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