WATCH: House of Hope Atlanta with Pastor E. Dewey Smith Dedicates Wednesday Night Bible Study To Answering Questions on Love and Relationships Throughout the Month of February

On Wednesday, February 8th, 2017, the House of Hope Atlanta kicked off its ‘Love Month’ with the Love Connection Panel. Members of the community gathered in House of Hope’s sanctuary to discuss relationships, intimacy, and companionship. This cannot be compared to any Bible study in Atlanta. At a time when many people shy away from conversing about these hot topics, they were able to have a panel discussion and intertwine the word of God.

The dialogue began rather intensely as the opening question was, “What is an appropriate level of intimacy before marriage? How does one address those sexual desires when not married?” Pastor Dr. E. Dewey Smith immediately retorted, “Abstain. God’s best design is to save sex for marriage.” To that point he lamented, “When dating, control the atmosphere to avoid putting yourself in compromising situations.”

As the crowd became increasingly thick, the questions continue to roll in. Another divisive question was, “How do you feel about your mate having a best friend of the opposite sex?” This was a question of access and involvement. Many of the panel members believed that while it was perfectly fine for their partners to have friends of the opposite sex, those friends should not have the same access or importance as a mate. Dr. Smith responded, “It’s very challenging.” Atlanta comedian Desi Banks, who recently became a member of House of Hope-Atlanta, vehemently added, “It’s unacceptable.”

The conversation quickly switched gears to a more feminine base. As the question was posed, “What can you suggest to single women while they are waiting on their significant other?” The panel was initially quiet before Joy105 CEO Crystal Smith chimed in with a riveting message, “Work on your goals and passions and do not stop living!” One audience member announced that her problem was not a lack of availability of the opposite sex but the mere fact that she did not feel as though they were compatible or on the same level.

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SOURCE: Joy105 – Kyle Cobb