WATCH: Elijah Cummings Responds to Trump’s Comment to Black Reporter, ‘People Assume All Black People Know All Black People’

A black Democratic congressman quipped that he thinks there is a widely shared belief that all black people know each other after President Trump asked a black reporter Thursday to schedule him a meeting with black lawmakers.

“I think a lot of people assume all black people know all black people,” Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said Thursday evening on MSNBC when asked about the exchange.

The lawmaker said Trump, as president, can make that phone call himself. Cummings added that he laughed off the president’s comments and that “it’s consistent with what we’ve seen from President Trump all along.”

Then MSNBC host Chris Hayes threw in a bit of snark of his own, saying, “At the very least he did not ask Frederick Douglass to set that meeting up” — a reference to comments Trump made at a recent Black History month event that some took to mean he thought the abolitionist from the 1800s was still alive.

Earlier in the day Friday, at a press conference Trump asked a black reporter, April Ryan, the Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, if she would set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus.

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Source: The Washington Examiner |  DANIEL CHAITIN (@DANIELCHAITIN7)