Florida’s Republican Senator Dennis Baxley and Democratic House Member Kimberly Daniels Join Forces to Push for Prayer In Public Schools

Republican member of the Florida Senate, Dennis Baxley (L) and Democratic House member from Jacksonville, Pastor Kimberly Daniels (R).

A Democratic House member from Jacksonville and a Republican Senator from Ocala are joining forces to push school prayer.

Freshman Representative Kimberly Daniels is a former at-large city councilwoman whose day job is pastor of the Christian, non-denominational Spoken Word Ministries.

She flatly rejects the notion of separation of church and state.

“How can a state fund and have chaplains in prisons and not have chaplains in schools? A child should not have to wait to go to prison to meet a chaplain. And I think that says it all.”

Daniels’ bill is called “The Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act.” It would ban school districts from discriminating on the basis of religious viewpoints or expression.

Former Christian Coalition executive director Dennis Baxley is the Senate sponsor.

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Jim Ash