Pastor Robert Jeffress Preaches Sermon Titled “When God Chooses a Leader” at Pre-Inauguration Service with Trump in Attendance


First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress preached at a private service for President-elect Trump and his family on Friday, shortly before Trump is to take the oath of office.

About 300 people attended the private event, including Trump’s family and Vice President-elect Mike Pence and his family. Trump’s inauguration organizers chose Jeffress to preach, said Rev. Luis León, rector of St. John’s Episcopal.

On Fox News on Thursday night, Jeffress said his sermon centers on Nehemiah, a Trump-like figure from the Hebrew Bible, who helped rebuild Jerusalem in the 5th century BC, in part by mounting a defensive wall around the city.

“I’m going to use Nehemiah’s story as an example of why God blesses leaders,” Jeffress said, “and I want it to be a tremendous encouragement to our great new president and vice president.”