African American and Latino Churches Team With Polymedco to Fight Colorectal Cancer

Photo Credit: National Black Church Initiative
Photo Credit: National Black Church Initiative

The African American community is disproportionately affected by colorectal cancer, with the highest incidence and death rates of the disease of any racial group.

But the National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is fighting back.

Polymedco, a world leader in non-invasive colorectal cancer screening technology has teamed with NBCI, a coalition of more than 34,000 African American and Latino churches, to co-host educational events to promote colon cancer prevention with simple at-home sample collections.

The program will launch with screening education forums in Newark, NJ andBrooklyn, NY. Attendees will receive materials with information on new screening protocols, care facilities, and access in their own communities where they can get screened.  NBCI will also engage its volunteer health corps to assist congregations and community members on Polymedco’s innovative and simple screening tests.

“African American communities need to know that colorectal cancer screening is one of the easiest ways to save lives, and that today’s options for screenings are varied and easy to do – even at home,” said Rev. Anthony Evans, NBCI President.

“Raising awareness about the importance of cancer screenings is at the heart of this campaign, and we strongly believe that robust community education and outreach will make a real impact throughout our faith communities, especially with modern, easy-to-use screenings that make individuals feel confident and in control of their health,” he continued.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine