WATCH: Creflo Dollar’s Rebuke of Parishioner From Pulpit During Watch Night Service Causes Controversy


During one of Creflo Dollar’s infamous Watch Night Services, he confronts and calls out a member of the audience for interrupting his sermon. Apparently, a man in the audience interjected a “Happy New Year!” during Creflo’s speech, which did not sit too well with the prosperity gospel preacher.

Someone caught Creflo’s response on a video that has become extremely popular on Youtube. The video that was posted onto the site only a week ago has received nearly 9,000 views and over 200 comments about Creflo’s response to the New Year well wisher.

“Hey hey hey!” Creflo yells at the beginning of the video. “Sit down! I don’t care if it’s no New Year! Don’t interrupt me preachin’. I don’t care about no New Years!”

“Sit your butt down! I don’t care about no New Year! I’m trying to help you get right in the New Year. I’m trying to do my job and you talking about the New Year?” the preacher exclaims as he walks up the stairs of his multi-million dollar church stage.

“Do you interrupt your mama? Then don’t interrupt the preacher! The New Year’s gonna be there when I get done preaching!“ he shouts, adding that the man had thrown off a tradition. “I’m sittin’ up here trying to help you and bless you and you gonna interrupt me talkin’ about some Happy New Year?”

“Don’t you ever do that!” Creflo shouted, receiving loud applause and shouts from the choir behind him and the rest of the sanctuary’s crowd.

“Seriously??!! U kidding me right? All that carrying on he just did…..uncalled for!” Youtube viewer, MisBeeline’s Natural Hair commented.

Another viewer, Kyris Marie, posted, “And people wonder why , people leave the church …. Can’t really expect much more from Creflo Steal-Your-Dollars though, that was ALL ego.”

TJ of had his own comments regarding the video, “Kingpin Creflo Dollar is a Kingpin mostly because he is a big bully that has been crafty at manipulating scripture to loose you of your money.”

“If you attempt to or are perceived as trying to distort this status, he goes after you quickly, publicly, and very aggressively… at the recent Watch Night Service, he was captured confronting a man in the audience as a child. He goes on chiding the guy about tradition which is hypocritical of him since a Watch Night service is all about tradition,” he adds.

SOURCE: All Christian News – Michal Ortner

Youtube viewer, chemistryrussell1 said:
Wow. “Graced”? Those who are graced act with grace! Not to mention, it’s not like you’re preaching anything anyway! The sheep who applauded your denigration of a member, possibly someone who supports your ministry and who contributed to your jet fund is not only disrespectful but arrogant! People better WAKE UP! Pride goes before destruction. This was not very Christlike at all and there is really no way to justify or defend this type of behavior from a pastor!
Youtube viewer, Regina Martin said:
I understand his feeling god message must come first and always be taken seriously but he as a pastor must also be careful about the words he speaks and not allow flesh to take over. I feel that he was a little harsh.He must remember the bible says with love and kindness have I drawn them.
Youtube viewer, 1BLKC said:
Open Rebuke is better than secret love! Let’s set the house in order…people will accept correction, order, and discipline gladly from everywhere else but the church. It’s hypocritical…I applaud Dr. Dollar and perhaps would have done the same thing in a situation like this. I guarantee that person had enough restraint not to yell out in a courtroom setting.