Georgia Pastor Johnny Hunt Calls New “Risen” Movie ‘a Must See for Pastors, Congregations’


“Risen,” a new movie distributed by Affirm Films, tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection from the perspective of a fictional unbelieving soldier whose investigation of the mystery leads to a personal encounter with Jesus.

Opening in wide release weeks before Easter, the film is promoted as both a picture of faith and a mystery designed to draw believers and nonbelievers.

Johnny Hunt, pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Ga., and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, is among the film’s endorsers, calling the production “a must see for pastors and their congregations.”

“Risen is intriguing in that we all wonder what the response of the religious establishment of Jesus’ day would have been after His death and resurrection,” Hunt told Baptist Press. “Risen being fiction simply imagines what might have been.”

The lead character Clavius is a fictional Roman military tribune, but the film includes biblical characters including Jesus, the disciples, Mary Magdalene and Pontius Pilate, and strives to achieve historical accuracy, movie promoters said.

“For me, Risen stands out because it’s a quite conservative rendering of the Gospel that accepts the extraordinary Word as written,” said lead actor Joseph Fiennes, who won a People’s Choice Award and other accolades for his leading role in 1998’s Academy Award winner “Shakespeare in Love.” “I love that this film embraces the mystery of Christ through an original lens.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Diana Chandler