WATCH: Man Is Reportedly Delivered from Homosexual Demon at T. B. Joshua’s Church In Nigeria

(PHOTO: SCREEN GRAB VIA YOUTUBE) Tedus being delivered from a "homosexual demon."
Tedus being delivered from a “homosexual demon.”

The night was young, the water refreshing. As Tedus jumped into the pool with his new found friends in the hotel, he had no premonition that such a quick dip would have such calamitous consequences. The night soon drifted into a nightmare – a garish dream filled with naked men wallowing in the very same water he had earlier exited. Waking in a cold sweat, something had changed. A strange presence.

Tedus was a flourishing young Nigerian businessman, planning his marriage and enjoying his life, when an encounter en-route back from an Asian excursion changed everything. After swimming in a pool in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi followed by a strange dream that night where he found himself in the same water, an unusual affection for men began developing within him. Inexplicably deciding to break up with his fiancé, he soon nursed his lust for men by downloading gay pornography on the internet. This eventually rippled into several strange relationships as affection for his fellow men took over his faculties. His work as a translator in a popular church merely a facade for his nocturnal misadventures, Tedus considered being gay as ‘normal’, not realising a spirit was behind his sudden change in affection.

His pastor in Cameroon beckoned on him one day and insisted that he travel to The SCOAN in Nigeria for deliverance. Perplexed, Tedus questioned the reason for his sudden instruction. Although no clear explanation was presented, it was clear to Tedus that God had spoken and he had no choice but to obey. Arriving at The SCOAN in January 2014, the young man received a powerful deliverance through the prayer of Wise Man Christopher. The demonic spirit confessed it was behind his problem, giving him ‘passion’ for his fellow men.

15 months after his deliverance, the story of Tedus has radically changed! All homosexual activities – both physically and spiritually – have come to a complete end as the affection for men disappeared as quickly as it came. Whereas before his relationship with God was practically non-existent, Tedus explained he now has a zeal to pray and read the Bible, choosing to no longer engage in the carefree, partying lifestyle that led him to trouble in the first place. To cap off the remarkable transformation, Tedus did not come to The SCOAN alone! Accompanied by a young lady he introduced as Jessy, the beaming young man told the congregation that this was the lady he planned to marry, adding that he had come to seek God’s opinion before going ahead with nuptials. His advice was simple. “If you are living such a life, you must understand that it’s not normal. There is a spirit behind such acts. Deliverance is the answer!”

Let us remind you what Prophet T.B. Joshua said concerning this issue in response to a question on Facebook: “Judge not, so that you will not be judged (Matthew 7:1). We should talk to people to be saved and not to die. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. God hates sin, not sinners. When I say, ‘Do not judge so that you will not be judged’, I mean we should hate sin, not the sinner because sinners can change. If you have killed a sinner by judging him, there will be no opportunity for change. Sinners can be delivered. We should hate the act, not the people because our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the ‘spirit beings’ that cause all these acts.

The Bible is my standard. If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to. Those that are asking this question – if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to. You that are reading me – if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today. God bless the reader and the hearer.”

SOURCE: Emmanuel TV