WATCH: Harris Faulkner of Fox News Questions Why President Obama Is Willing to Talk About the ‘Christian Crusades’ but Not ‘Radical Islam’


During this week’s National Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama warned Christians not to get on a “high horse” when it comes to religious extremism, saying, “remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” Those comments caused Fox News’ Harris Faulkner to wonder aloud Friday why Obama is willing to talk about the “Christian Crusades” but not utter the words “radical Islam.”

“No one has ever said they weren’t the ‘Christian Crusades,’” Faulkner said. “So why can’t he call this radical Islam?” She said Christians “understand our history” and “the value of not repeating it.”

Andrea Tantaros proceeded to call the president out for attributing the Spanish Inquisition to Christians, saying that 100 people died, “not by the Church killing them on a witch hunt, but it was the Spanish authorities.” She called the 100 people who died a “normal lunch break” for a group like Boko Haram.

The 100 executions number appears to apply only to the first few years of the Spanish Inquisition, with estimates ranging from 3,000-5,000 when you include the years that followed. It was committed by a Catholic monarchy that wanted to maintain a Christian orthodoxy much in the same way the acts of a group like ISIS are committed to create a Muslim caliphate.

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Source: | Matt Wilstein