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purchase_black_new_logo2, an Amazon-style marketplace focused on Black products and businesses, wants to connect customers to Black owned businesses online. It is a website where customers can easily buy from Black owned firms, and companies can sell their products (not services) in their own free online shop.“In the light of the events surrounding Eric Garner, Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and far too many others, African Americans are looking for more sustainable ways to strengthen the community long term” says founder Brian Williams. “Supporting our businesses is one important step, and makes it easier than ever to do online.”

PurchaseBlack is not a directory or a list of businesses. It is an online shopping mall filled with individual shops selling their own products in categories like hair care, skin care, gifts, artwork, clothes, accessories, and more. Customers buy directly on PurchaseBlack’s site, and are not sent elsewhere. “It’s a one-stop shop!” says Williams.

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Source: Black News