Police Catches Lady Stealing Eggs to Feed her Family and Buys Them for her Instead of Arresting her — That’s What I’m Talking About!


In stark departure from the police brutality being highlighted in the national media, a Tarrant, Alabama, police officer is now the toast of the Internet after he decided to pay for the eggs he caught a desperate mother shoplifting to feed her children instead of arresting her on Saturday.

The heartwarming moment was caught on video by Facebook user Robert ‘Dollar’ Tripp who posted it on Dec. 6 and it has since been viewed nearly 450,000 times.

An al.com report identified the policeman as Officer William Stacy who was called to investigate the woman who allegedly attempted to steal a dozen eggs at the Dollar General Store on Pinson Valley Parkway.

Tarrant Police Chief Dennis Reno said the woman had her young children in her car and confessed to Stacy that she only tried stealing the eggs because she was trying to feed her children.

The officer discussed the case with Dollar General staff who decided not to press charges. Stacy then made the life-changing gesture to the desperate mom.

“He said, ‘If I give you these eggs, will you promise that you won’t shoplift anymore?'” Reno told al.com. “He knew that she was telling the truth and that’s the reason he went in and bought the eggs.”

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