Pregnant Woman Loses Left Eye In Ferguson Protests After Police Shoot Bean Bag at Her

PHOTO CREDIT: Tikal Goldie/via Facebook
PHOTO CREDIT: Tikal Goldie/via Facebook

Shortly after a Missouri grand jury announced Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown, all hell broke loose in Ferguson.

Some ordinary, nonviolent citizens got caught up in the tense police crossfire, like pregnant woman, Dornella Conners, who lost her left eye.

Early Tuesday morning, the victim and her boyfriend, who was the driver, stopped to get gas at a local station.

After trying to exit the lot, she said, “When my boyfriend De’Anglas was trying to get away, they blocked us from the side and the back.”

With a patch over her wounded left eye socket and abrasions to her face, Ms. Connors explained, “I didn’t have any weapons. I wasn’t looting or anything. I was just out with my boyfriend and we was just riding around respecting Mike Brown.”

The police are telling a very different story. They said, Lee was driving his car directly at them, so, to stop him, instead of shooting with a gun, they used their less lethal bean bag round.

According to Wikipedia, a bean-bag round, or flexible baton round, is a projectile used by law enforcement officers to incapacitate suspects without killing them.

They are fired from a shotgun and take the form of lead shots housed in a small ‘pillow’.

They are designed not to penetrate skin, but are capable of causing muscle spasms.

Deaths from bean bag rounds are rare. They have killed people in the past by causing internal bleeding, breaking the neck and even fatally damaging the heart by sending pieces of broken rib into it.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine