Ebola Fear Has T. D. Jakes’ Daughter Staying Home

Cora Jakes is T.D. Jakes' eldest daughter (Photo Credit: FertilityFaith.com)
Cora Jakes is T.D. Jakes’ eldest daughter (Photo Credit: FertilityFaith.com)

It’s being called “Ebolanoia” by some—a word mix of Ebola and paranoia—that has seemingly gripped the hearts of Americans.

Cora Coleman, 27-year-old daughter of Dallas-based mega pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes, skipped the State Fair over the weekend, citing Ebola risks.

“We brought the fair to us last night because we wasn’t going because Ebola is real and ain’t nobody got time for that!!” she said.

Her fear-tinged words captioned a photo of southern-style fixings on Instagram, where she added several hashtags: “#friedcheeseburgers #friedchesseburgersticks #friedbarbecuechickenwings.”

Coleman ended by describing the family’s indoor (away from Ebola) feast as “fatty delicious.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Mya Harris