Richard D. Land on the Islamic State

Richard Land
Richard Land

How should we refer to the radical, barbaric terrorist group sweeping through Iraq and Syria? Some call them ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Our government refers to them as ISIL (The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant), the Levant referring to a wider geographic area including Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and the Palestinian territories.

In June, this emerging terrorist force declared a caliphate and began referring to itself as IS (The Islamic State), which more accurately signals its global ambitions to establish a universal world-wide caliphate, imposing by brute force its extremely harsh understanding of sharia law on the entire world.

This is what makes IS such a grave threat to the civilized world. The closest analogy to IS in modern history is the U.S.S.R. (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), which was dedicated to imposing communism worldwide, heedless of national boundaries. It was an existential threat to all nations and peoples who wanted to decide for themselves how they would be governed, rather than have a particular ideology imposed on them by brute force. And make no mistake, neither Soviet Communism nor IS had, or has, a remote interest in democracy or elections.

In communism you had adherents from all over the world willing to subvert their own national governments in support of the worldwide cause. So we should not be surprised when people from across the globe flock to join IS (The Islamic State) as it seeks to impose its vision of Islam over the entire world, including planting its black flag over the White House.

All freedom loving people have a stake in this struggle as all did in the struggle against Soviet Communism. Whether the totalitarian dictatorship is imposed by atheistic communists or radical jihadists, the result is the same – loss of freedom imposed with savage barbarity.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Richard D. Land